Clarify who you are: a mature person or still a child?

Signs of maturity in a person: takes responsibility for their own life fear nothing does not say: ‘I don’t know how to do’ something does not blame anyone does not ‘solve’ problems, yet forms goals and attains them Indicators of a Wholesome, Mature Person: Loves and accepts oneself the way they are now Your body is active, graceful, strong, and filled with energy Nothing hurts anywhere, nothing pulls, or cramps All movements are smooth and confident Body is proportionate and flexible. Skin is clean, smooth, glowing Every year the body has new abilities to adapt to diverse conditions, and master new and dynamic ways of movement. Memory expands, hearing strengthens, sight improves. Fully aware and understand the reason why I’m alive now. I love and I am loved. Set clear priorities in all relationships: My personal happiness as a Woman: Intimate, healthy, mutually enriching relationship with husband, partner. I am - mother, I am - family member, I develop my favorite business etc. Act efficiently and harmoniously. Clearly know the results you seek and attain goals with ease and grace. Respond calmly and optimistically to circumstances, analyze experience, and learn lessons out of it. Feel confident and joyful when looking to the future. Feel as the creator of your life in all your interrelationships. Love to live, love what you do and what surrounds you. Yet always open to new opportunities. In family - wise and attentive, At work - creative, professional, responsible, With friends - joyful and spontaneous. Every day happiness grows. Love, respect rises from dealings with everyone around. Relationship with people enriches and rejuvenates. Favourite, Creative business, develops, and brings joy. Deep satisfaction surrounds me at all times.

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